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Motor Parts &  Accessories

53 Burton Street

Melton Mowbray


LE13 1AF

Tel:  01664 567275  

Email : autostop@talktalk.net

Autostop Motor Parts & Accessories

Car Caravan & Trailer Spares in Melton Mowbray

AUTOSTOP is a family owned car accessories and car spares business that has been trading successfully for 30 years and offers the customer the personalised service missing from the large multi-national groups, but can still offer competitive pricing over a large range of goods. We supply thousands of parts for hundreds of cars. all of these are available both from stock held on site or by special orders. All our local customers will confirm how easy we are to deal with the friendliness of our staff and our desire to provide quality goods with a quality service standard. You name it we will do our best to supply it.

We will fit wipers and batteries supplied by ourselves for FREE ! And supply and fit TOW BARS & ELECTRICS,  BRAKE PADS & DISCS in our own fitting bay. Ring for a competitive quote.

Give us a call now ask for Kevin or Phill, we look forward to taking your call. 01664567275  or email us  autostop@talktalk.net

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